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Noodles with Shrimps

Boise Thai



The Journey

    The journey all started over a decade ago when Frank met Pitsy met in Chiang Mai Thailand. When Pitsy arrived in the United States she instantly fell in love with the American people and the culture.
    In 2018 Frank and Pitsy made the decision to move to Idaho and open a Thai restaurant. Frank and Pitsy working in the restaurant industry for years had a dream of opening their own restaurant because they really loved the feeling of sharing delicious Thai dishes with the public. Now the dream is a reality and we are happy to bring the flavors of Thailand to Idaho.

    We have put together a great kitchen team that consists of Chef Don, Chef Nam, and Chef Greyson. Don and Nam come from the central province of Thailand and Pitsy is from the Northern Province. Chef Greyson is born and raised Idahoan. 
     We are proud to invite you to the Boise Thai Noodle House so you can enjoy our truly authentic Thai food. Our homemade recipes will tantalize your taste buds and leave you craving for more. Come join us for freshly made spring rolls and homemade dishes. We all are happy to invite you to enjoy a taste
of Thailand.

Please Call  (208)207-2954 For all order

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